Women’s Mentorship Program




This is for women who — having worked deeply on themselves and having a strong resonance with my writings and way of working — are ready to take such work further, including in healing and transformational contexts with others.

Central to this will be the considerable support, inspiration, deep care, and ongoing alliance of a group of women who share the passion for a deeper, more awakened and intimately alive life, a life of deep breakthrough and service. Every woman attending will have already worked deeply with me.

Participation is by invitation only.

Limited to 10 women.

The Program includes four 5-day Breakthrough groups, with a space of approximately 6 months between groups.

Also included in the Mentorship are individual Zoom sessions with me every month except for those when the groups are happening, plus Zoom group meetings every other month.


  • Have attended at least one of my 5-day Women’s Breakthrough groups.
  • Have been invited by me to attend.

Tuition: $9200, with payments spread out over the full span of the Program (payment plans extending beyond the Program’s duration may be available). An initial deposit of $1500 is required.

When: 2021/2022 TBA


“I am currently in the 2019/2020 Women’s Mentorship program with Robert. I work as a Holistic Therapist in Ireland, with a number of therapies under my belt along with trainings in Yoga, Meditation, Psychotherapy and Counselling. I have always been capable of seeing past the surface and enjoy the depth of my work with my students and clients. But I have never felt seen, truly understood or properly heard when I sought help for myself. This has been my frustration for many years. I opened up about this to friends and therapists and they all told me I was looking for something in myself that didn’t exist.

So I took a chance on Robert. Immediately I knew I had found my missing link. He got me from the get go. I was truly seen, understood beyond my own understanding, listened to beyond my words and held in a safe place for as long as I needed to be. With Roberts’ guidance, patience and love I have dived into my darkness and fully uncovered my deepest wounds, feelings, and hiding in plain sight, my inner critic and saboteur.

Embarking on the Women’s Mentorship, I had no expectations beyond being mentored (advised and guided in my life). Robert has blown me away once again, with his passion, rare skill, and capacity for holding a safe space. I love to watch his ability to hold each of us in the program at exactly the place we are at, with total acceptance and clear seeing of our ever-shifting states. He is the most humble and subtle navigator of the shadow, working so eloquently with individual and group dynamics. If you are ready to go to your edge he will go there with you, ready to dive deep, and always at a pace and in ways that work for you. And all the while, welcoming the others in the group to sharpen their awareness, trust their intuition, and become involved. A very empowering and empathic experience.

Something that never crossed my mind when starting the mentorship was a really fulfilling relationship with the other women. We all live apart and it never even entered my head, but to my surprise and delight I have found soul sisters whom I love, respect, and cherish. We empower each other and I’m honoured to be part of their lives.

Finally, what I have gotten from the Mentorship so far: My relationships, both professionally and personally, have changed, some ended naturally, some faded, but for the most part they have deepened, become richer and more authentic. The energy I was using to suppress my shadow and feed my inner critic has freed up and is now more expansive and inclusive. I have discovered how to turn empathy into compassion that flows like a dance through me. My confidence, self-worth, self-love and patience are all improving.

This is the most life changing and empowering experience of my life.”

Anam Cara,

Edel Swords