Breakthrough Groups for Men

Bringing Head, Heart, and Guts Into Full-Blooded Alignment


Uncommonly deep group work for men who are ready to face whatever is obstructing their well-being and their capacity to function optimally in every area of their life.

Through such work, men learn to embody a manhood as strongly empowered as it is vulnerable, as emotionally attuned as it’s alive, as passionately present as it is loving, a manhood that cannot help but serve the highest good of one and all.

“When I need my own therapy I call Robert. So, speaking as his client, having been a psychotherapist myself, I have often said of Robert: ‘He gets a year’s worth of work done in about an hour.’ The subtitle of his mens groups ‘Bringing Head, Heart, and Guts into Full-Blooded Alignment’ is not hyperbole. This is what Robert does, better than anyone I have ever seen in 35+ years.”
Bill Kauth, cofounder of the ManKind Project

To Be a Man

My Approach

My approach is intuitively integral, working with body, mind, emotion, and spirit through a spontaneously structured mix of cutting-edge psychotherapy, coaching, bodywork, emotional opening, shadow-work, and relational and spiritual deepening. All of this is conducted in the spirit of becoming more intimate with all that you are — high and low, dark and light, masculine and feminine. There’s plenty of rawness, plenty of revelation and deep opening and breakthrough, plus a sense of safety that’s solid enough to provide a powerful container (both crucible and sanctuary) for whatever work needs to be done. Areas covered include:

  • Facing and making wise use of your shame
  • Coming fully alive, including emotionally
  • Softening without any loss of power
  • Both embracing and protecting the boy within
  • Stripping your anger of its aggression without robbing it of its passion
  • Deepening your courage
  • Connecting head, heart, and belly
  • Fully embodying your masculinity
  • Bringing your shadow (whatever you’ve disowned in yourself) out of the dark
  • Facing and working through your core wounds
  • Dream exploration (using dreams as portals for healing and awakening)
  • Shedding your armoring without abandoning your boundaries
  • Outgrowing any pornographic leanings you might have
  • Freeing your sexuality from the obligation to make you feel better
  • Getting your inner critic off your back
  • Deepening your sensitivity without losing your balls
  • Cutting through your fear of your raw masculinity
  • Cultivating healthy challenge
  • Developing more transparency
  • Finding a source of strength in your vulnerability
  • Relating not from your conditioning, but to it
  • Accessing a warriorhood that’s rooted in both love and power
  • Deepening your ability to be in truly healthy relationships

Full-Blooded Manhood & Men’s Work: Mankind Project interviews Robert


Logistics For Groups

  • Groups are held over Zoom, are 3 full days, and are limited to 7 men so that there will be ample time for everyone to receive in-depth attention and work. 
  • Participation is by invitation only after submitting Client Application.
  • Tuition is $1100, with a $400 nonrefundable deposit.
  • The daily schedule is 11:30am-2:00pm and 4-5:30pm Eastern Time.
  • If you’re interested in attending and haven’t worked with me before, the first step is to complete our Client application form.
  • The next step is to have an individual Zoom session with me, to do some in-depth work and to make sure that the group is right for you. Sessions are deep-diving, getting to the heart of the matter in a short time. Each session is $225 for 45 minutes.

Next Men’s Groups

  • July 5-7 (Zoom)
  • September 27-29 (Zoom)




I’ve been in three men’s groups with Robert (two in person and one on Zoom), and I’m amazed at just how much transmission was able to come through via the most recent group, which was on Zoom. I tackled some of the deepest core wounds of my life in our virtual group and felt more connected to the men than I’ve felt in any group prior. This gives me such profound freedom to know I can do this work from anywhere—and so much HOPE to know that many more who are unable to travel will have access to this life-changing healing of knowing their shadow.” — Justin M. Williams

Working with Robert in his Men’s group using Zoom was a wonderful experience and deeply impactful. Interaction among the group was seamless, and Robert was able to skillfully keep the meeting flowing to create a similar level of deep connection among the participants as he does in his in-person groups. It was a great experience! — Mike H



The passage to full manhood is deeply transformational, abundantly supplied with soul-enlivening challenge and firsthand teachings, catalyzing needed healings and breakthroughs, uprooting us again and again so that we might stand ever-truer ground. Along the way we learn to cultivate an intimacy with everything that we are — high and low, dark and light, masculine and feminine, dying and undying — for the benefit of one and all. This is the primal odyssey pulsing in every man’s marrow, whether or not he embarks on it.