Breakthrough ShadowWork Groups for Women

Deep Healing, Integration, Empowerment


Uncommonly effective work for women ready to fully face and work through whatever’s obstructing their capacity for true empowerment.

All kinds of issues and concerns — ranging from the deepest trauma to the seemingly trivial — will be addressed through a dynamic, creative mix of psychospiritual guidance, bodywork, emotional opening, spiritual disciplines, dreamwork, and group practices.

The group will also feature cutting-edge shadow-work.

There’s a part of us — all of us — that contains what we don’t know or don’t like or deny about ourselves. And what is this part? Our shadow. To the extent that our conditioning is allowed to run or operate us, it is our shadow. Trying to get away from our shadow keeps it in the dark, but turning toward and becoming intimate with it (and its roots) is a profoundly beneficial, inherently empowering process.

Becoming intimate with our shadow frees us from being controlled by it. If we are to live fully, we must bring our shadow elements out of the dark and integrate them with the rest of our being. Doing so will be at the very heart of this group.

We’ll have plenty of time for consistently deep work, plus time for spiritual deepening practices.

My work with Robert has been deeply transformational. The way he is able to create and hold a safe space for people to release trauma held in the physical and emotional body is incredible. Those who are willing to trust him will be able to heal core wounding and live a more full life. Shamanic psychothearpy is what I would like to call it, but I honestly don’t even want to box him in to such a label. His awareness of subtle energy is beyond words. I have been in therapy my whole life, and I have never experienced anything quite like what he’s got. The tools and insights he offers do not create dependency on him, but allow deeper freedom to rely on ourselves.
— Lila DeLieto

Safety & Vulnerability in Intimate Relationship: Nicole Fegley interviews Robert

My Approach

My approach is intuitively integral, working with body, mind, emotion, and spirit through a spontaneously structured mix of cutting-edge psychotherapy, coaching, bodywork, emotional opening, shadow-work, and relational and spiritual deepening. All of this is conducted in the spirit of becoming more intimate with all that you are — high and low, dark and light, masculine and feminine. There’s plenty of rawness, plenty of revelation and deep opening and breakthrough, plus a sense of safety that’s solid enough to provide a powerful container (both crucible and sanctuary) for whatever work needs to be done. Areas covered include:

  • Facing and making wise use of your shame
  • Coming fully alive, including emotionally
  • Softening without any loss of power
  • Both embracing and protecting the girl within
  • Stripping your anger of its aggression without robbing it of its passion
  • Deepening your courage
  • Connecting head, heart, and belly
  • Fully embodying your femininity
  • Bringing your shadow (whatever you’ve disowned in yourself) out of the dark
  • Facing and working through your core wounds
  • Dream exploration (using dreams as portals for healing and awakening)
  • Shedding your armoring without abandoning your boundaries
  • Freeing your sexuality from the obligation to make you feel better
  • Getting your inner critic off your back
  • Cutting through your fear of your raw femininity
  • Cultivating healthy challenge
  • Developing more transparency
  • Finding a source of strength in your vulnerability
  • Relating not from your conditioning, but to it
  • Deepening your ability to be in truly healthy relationships

The Strongest Aphrodisiac is Connection: Nicole Fegley interviews Robert

The 5-day Women’s Shadow Work Group: Wow!! Robert offers an astounding container. It’s a deep dive into the un-confrontable with clarity and liberation following. With all of Robert’s skill and laser-like insight drawn from a lifetime of experience, I moved through a sad, dark “settling for less” place and found diamonds in that mud. I know where I am going now. Still into the Mystery but with greater ease and the knowledge that all of who I am is welcome, wanted and possible.
— Zoe Alowan


Logistics For Groups

  • Groups are held over Zoom, are 3 full days, and are limited to 7 women so that there will be ample time for everyone to receive in-depth attention and work. 
  • Participation is by invitation only after submitting Client Application.
  • Tuition is $1100, also with a $400 nonrefundable deposit. 
  • The daily schedule is 11:30am-2:00pm and 4-5:30pm Eastern Time.
  • If you’re interested in attending and haven’t worked with me before, the first step is to complete our Client application form.
  • The next step is to have an individual Zoom session with me, to do some in-depth work and to make sure that the group is right for you. Sessions are deep-diving, getting to the heart of the matter in a short time. Each session is $225 for 45 minutes.


Robert Augustus Masters is a true master of integrated consciousness. I think of him as a Ninja Shadow Tracker who guides us effectively into our territories of resistance, pain and avoidance so we can navigate our way with honesty, full embrace and ultimately with love for our Whole Self. Robert brilliantly facilitates safe space with clear boundaries, profundity, respect, compassion and non-judgmental awareness for each person’s process. This is quintessential work for the times we live in and paramount for real transformation to take root and blossom. Robert’s work is foundational for becoming the most authentic human being we can be and is at the heart of the spiritual quest.
— Sianna Sherman


Next Women’s Groups

June 21-23 (Zoom)

September 7-9 (Zoom)







What Participants Have Said About Robert’s Zoom Groups for Women

I have done my share of therapeutic and shadow work, but never before encountered the mastery and loving humble wisdom that Robert brings. As a woman, to work with a man that brings the healthy masculine as well as a true inclusion of the feminine is rare. There is no beating around the bush in the work with Robert. Each moment, either in the individual or group work over Zoom has had a profound and essential quality which can only be achieved when a very safe and yet tremendously empowering space is held. Robert goes directly to the core of what is needed and brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and intuition to what is needed. I am so very grateful. — Pilar Rueda

Having been exposed to Robert’s work through my teachers as well as through reading his books, I had felt called to take part in his Group Work for a long time. However, living in Europe and being a solo parent, the opportunity to do so hadn’t yet arisen, so when I saw that Robert was offering women’s groups on Zoom I was delighted. I felt a little hesitant over how it would feel to do such deep work in this virtual space but as soon as we began any doubt was gone. I am completely blown away by the intimacy we felt as a group straight away, despite participants being from all around the globe. I am so grateful to Robert for this work which feels raw yet so empowering. The process is truly one of coming into wholeness. The space Robert holds allows for deep healing and nourishment. It feels like a liberation of authenticity by coming into true intimacy with both self and Self. — Tanya Mickwitz

Authentic shadow work isn’t some clean-cut, antiseptic, or merely intellectual undertaking, but rather an inherently messy labor, as intense, unpredictable, and alive as birth. It eventually necessitates wholehearted entry into everything that we are, including what we dislike about ourselves. The dirt can’t be avoided, nor should it be. In fact, it needs to be appreciated and known without gloves, or else it won’t become fitting soil for our emergence.