Men’s Mentorship Program




This is for men who — having worked deeply on themselves and having a strong resonance with my writings and way of working — are ready to take such work further, including in healing and transformational contexts with others.

Central to this will be the considerable support, inspiration, deep care, and ongoing alliance of a group of men who share the passion for a deeper, more awakened and intimately alive life, a life of deep breakthrough and service. Every man attending will have already worked deeply with me.

Participation is by invitation only.

Limited to 10 men.

The Program includes four 5-day Breakthrough groups, with a space of approximately 6 months between groups.

Also included in the Mentorship are individual Zoom sessions with me every month except for those when the groups are happening, plus Zoom group meetings every other month.


  • Have attended at least one of my 5-day Men’s Breakthrough groups.
  • Have been invited by me to attend.

Tuition: $9200, with payments spread out over the full span of the Program (payment plans extending beyond the Program’s duration may be available). An initial deposit of $1500 is required.

When: 2021/2022 TBA

What those who have completed a Mentorship Program with me have said:

“All of my work with Robert has been deep and transformative. But the men’s mentorship program stands out. In addition to all the deep personal work, Robert helped create a field of support amongst the men in the group that helped deepen my personal work even further and led to the creation of rich interpersonal connections between myself and the other men in the group. I wholeheartedly recommend this year-and-a-half experience to any man who is ready for a deep dive into their own personal growth and who is ready to be open and vulnerable to deep human connections with fellow soul travelers.”

— Jon Rubinstein

“The Men’s Mentorship Program was an initiation into the depth of my being. The support and continuity of the other men along with Robert’s guidance allowed me to penetrate deeply into my shadow and mine a profound strength, vision, and compassion for my own wounding, through which I greatly deepened my capacity to attune to the pain of others with sensitivity and discernment. 

    Monthly sessions with Robert provided a touchstone back to my inner truth. Through his stalwart love, presence and allowance for whatever longed to emerge from my depths, I found a deepening anchoring point within to derive peace and power in my relationships with others. Amidst his many gifts, perhaps Robert’s greatest is the vast spaciousness he holds and so skillfully guides others into, never pushing or pressuring, guided by the individual’s own willingness, shared intuition and Grace.

    Through this work, I am no longer compelled to make everyone in my life feel good at the expense of my own well-being. My little boy within is no longer charged with being the peace keeper in all of my relationships. If you are longing for fiercely deep work and know that such work only unfolds within the auspices of a solid container and a masterful guide, this mentorship with Robert may be what you’ve been looking for.”

— Luke Adler

“I’ve been working with Robert for a few years, but the 18-month mentorship took my inner work to a completely different level. Robert’s guidance is compassionate, very precise, and thoroughly illuminating. Diving into the many layers of my conditioning and early wounding in the presence of others who were as equally interested as me in coming fully alive was been transformative and humbling. I feel enriched as a man and deepened in my humanity, and getting to share this journey with the other men was pure joy! I’d recommend this program to anyone who feels ready to honor themselves by looking deeply at everything that might be holding them from living their lives more and more fully.”

— Cenk Matalon