Client Application

Requirements for Working with Me

Please note that I not only offer groupwork, trainings, mentorship programs, and apprenticeship programs, but also individual and couples work.

If you are considering working with me and have read my bio, here are some basic requirements:

  • You have had previous psychotherapy, counseling, or coaching.
  • You have read my book Bringing Your Shadow Out of the Dark.
  • You are not currently on long-term psycho-pharmaceutical medications (with some exceptions, such as when you are tapering down your dosage with medical supervision).
  • You have no serious addictions.
  • You have no illicit drug usage.
  • For couples sessions, I only work with those who are living together in a basically solid relationship and who are committed to staying together long term.
  • An individual session (which is a prerequisite for further work with me) is 45 minutes for $225.

If you meet the above guidelines, please fill out our client application form and return it to us.