Knowing Your Shadow

Becoming Intimate with All That You Are

A 6-CD AUDIO PROGRAM (Also available as a download)

What I mean by our “shadow” is whatever in us we are disconnected from or out of touch with, whatever we have disowned in ourselves, whatever we have not illuminated or will not illuminate in ourselves, whatever in us we are keeping out of sight. So our shadow is that zone of us which houses what we have not faced or can’t/ won’t face about ourselves. To the extent that our conditioning (especially that originating in our childhood) is allowed to run us, it is our shadow. Or put another way, to the extent that our conditioning is kept in the dark, it is our shadow.

If we are to truly evolve, we need to know our shadow, and know it very well; if we don’t, our shadow will direct our lives on every level. This program shows how to illuminate and wisely engage with your shadow, offering exceptionally deep support for taking charge of your life at a deep level, providing expert guidance and instruction to discover and make wise use of what lies hidden or otherwise neglected within you.

Key areas it covers are:

  • Discovering and cultivating intimacy with the endarkened aspects of yourself
  • Identifying and healing your core wounds
  • Working effectively with anger, fear, shame, guilt and other difficult emotions
  • Understanding how your shadow influences those around you, often beyond conscious awareness
  • Bringing sex out of the shadows—how we eroticize our unmet needs
  • The signs of spiritual bypassing
  • Ending your suffering by entering your pain
  • Freeing yourself from your inner critic
  • Guided practices, meditations, and exercises for developing more authenticity and wholeness in your relationships, your sexuality, and your spiritual path

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“Knowing Your Shadow” is a terrifically well-done and very useful guide to one's shadow, teaching ways to re-own and integrate it, and exercises for doing so. Everybody has a shadow, which means this product is for you, me, everybody. Take advantage of it! 
— Ken Wilber, author of The Integral Vision