Until Our Song is Fully Sung

Selected Poetry, Lyrics, and Prose Poetry

Where prose reports, Poetry unveils. Where prose marches, Poetry dances. Where prose makes sense, Poetry makes more than sense. Where prose proclaims the mystical to be ineffable, Poetry gives it a voice, daring to express the supposedly inexpressible, while providing its audience with hearing aids and front-row seats.

Poetry is aesthetically translated epiphany in verbal form. All we need to do is permit ourselves to see firsthand the dancing particles and pulsing fluidity in its crystallized presentations. The price of admission? A sense of wonder.

My body’s spun from gravity and boundless light
dreaming of gypsy joys and knotted night
soaring over cobblestone oceans of cloud
ever sailing through the walls of what’s allowed

My life sings and bleeds in colors bare and bright
riding waves of shattered moon through the night
nothing is moving yet everything’s in motion
only broken waves will ever know the ocean