O Breathe Us Deep CD – Download Only

Diane’s CD with lyrics by Robert Augustus Masters


Diane brings her richly evocative voice to each song, singing with a full-blooded, heartfelt fluidity unburdened by sentimentality. Some songs are devotional, some are raw; some soar, some sing and bleed; but all are presented in the spirit of awakening to who and what we truly are, featuring a deep, genre-transcending spirituality.

What connects the songs of O BREATHE US DEEP is not a particular style (a wide range of styles is used — from ballads to Celtic to Native American to hard-driving), but rather the poetically-articulated embracing and living of a deeper life, a life in which body, mind, emotions, and spirituality function as a natural integrated whole.

And how did the CD come about? In Diane’s words:

“One day in late March 2005, I came across the website of Robert Augustus Masters, and there began looking at descriptions of his books. I noticed that he also posted his poetry on his site; when I read his poems, particularly one called Sacred Hymn, I literally gasped and touched my heart. With total certainty, I realized that I knew the music for these “poems,” which I felt were meant to be lyrics for songs.

“And so I emailed Robert to ask if he would allow me to try composing music for them, and he consented. After 3 weeks of talking on the phone, consulting about the songs and having many conversations about everything else imaginable, Robert came to where I was living in California to meet me and hear Sacred Hymn during a concert I was giving. Our connection was extremely easy, deep, and natural right from the start. That was the beginning of our cocreative relationship, working partnership and, since April 2, 2006, our marriage!

“The lyrics for each song on the CD are Robert’s, and the music is mine, but the entire CD is ours to share. May you hear it in the spirit in which it was created.”

Listen to And Again:And Again

Listen to I Come To You: I Come To You

Listen to Last Sigh of a Vagabond Wave: Last Sign

Listen to Look For Me: Look For Me

Listen to O Breathe Us Deep: Oh Breathe Us

Listen to Open Ground: Open Ground

Listen to Sacred Hymn: Sacred Hymn

Listen to Take Me To The Bottom of Your Pain: Take Me To The Bottom


“With the pristine purity of her beautiful voice, Diane Bardwell has created a divine feast of devotional love songs, born from Robert Augustus Masters’ transcendent lyrics and taking form as this deeply spiritual offering: “O Breathe Us Deep.” Her music is an authentic heart-felt gift that uplifts all who can hear.

— Robert K. Hall, MD and cofounder of the Lomi School, El Dharma, Todos Santos, Mexico

“O Breathe Us Deep is the most powerful and beautiful music I have listened to in a very long time. It is deeply spiritual and transcendent, yet roars and weeps and laughs and sighs. These songs resonate in my bones and in my soul and invite me to journey with them, and be opened more fully by them. A truly sacred invitation to be fully alive and awake in Mystery. There is something very special being offered in this collaboration between Diane and her husband Robert (who wrote the lyrics). I feel deeply blessed to be receiving it.”

— Saleem Berryman, Goias, Brazil/Ashland, OR

“The music in each of these beautiful songs takes my breath away. The soul and emotional depth expressed through both the lyrics and Diane’s magical voice moves me to tears. I relate to every feeling in every song. Thank you for this amazing and heart-felt gift.”

—Pamala Oslie, author of Love Colors

“Diane’s CD is therapy in of itself. I was listening on my way to work and it blew me away. Best CD I have heard in a very long time. In fact, I have never heard anything like it. Totally amazing. If you can’t make one of Robert Augustus Masters’ sessions, get this CD. All I can say is that its having a healing effect on me that I have never experienced from any music before. This music is loaded with powerful stuff. I have heard her perform live also, her voice fills a room (without the need of amplification), she’s a natural. These two make an impressive couple.”

— Daniel Smith, Florida